K Country 93.7 launch delayed due to COVID-19

September 23rd, 2020

Keswick, Ontario – May 5, 2020.


The launch of Georgina’s new radio station, K Country 93.7 FM has been delayed indefinitely due to the restriction of construction activities as a result of COVID -19.



Originally scheduled to launch on the May 24 weekend and help kickoff the summer in the Southlake Region and Central Ontario, station owners Ed and Frank Torres now are hopeful for a mid July launch as the province starts to re-open



“Our engineers are waiting for construction permits to be issued to start the work at our transmit site and at our studios. We are excited about our location on the Queensway South in the Georgina Business Centre and plan to start retrofitting the new space for our offices and studios as soon as regulations permit”, said Frank Torres, Chief Operating officer of Torres Media. Torres added “Construction will likely proceed at a slower than usual pace as workers will follow distancing guidelines as mandated by government”.



In the meantime, work on the station website and playlist continues. “We expect to be in a position to start streaming music in the next 60 days. The New Country format remains one of the fastest growing music formats in Canada and K Country will play the most popular country music with 39 000 Watts of power,” said Ed Torres, President of Torres Media.



K Country 93.7 has paused the search for on-air personalities and office staff but expects to resume in the coming weeks. The K Country Facebook page will be regularly updated as construction begins.



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